Audio telephone conference call services

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Phone conference service is the service provider to communicate together and instantly. At long distances, the user phone conference services can talk together or by using their devices. There are many phone conference call services which we can use to communicate. Some telephone conference service also provides the services of paid and free. The Free and paid, all telephone conference call services different features that can be used. For developed countries, telephone conference calls is often used to support a smooth in doing business so there is some class of users such as:

Free Conference Phone Call
Free phone conference call provider conference and costs are very cheap or free. typically on the user only charged the normal rate of use with which they use for remote connections in a matter of a minute or per second. However, for free telephone conference call of charge conference usually have only limited features so that people in the business world it is rare that uses free telephone conference calls of cost. If we're having a lot of spending money, it seems free conference phone call suitable for use. even though has a little feature, but free phone conference line will be able to help. While today many providers who provide free phone conference for users who want to try.

Low Fares Telephone Conference Service
Telephone conference calling low fares is widely used by people in the business world or companies that have big money spending budgets so that they choose to use conference call phone number with low rates. Unlike free conference call phone number, on telephone rates low conference, users simply burdened with costs per month just to be able to connect remotely and conduct telephone conference. The fees charged by the provider to users is usually a fixed rate and is payable per month. However, for low rates indeed conference telephone still has many shortcomings. A given feature is still very limited and ordinary users access or entry into the conference bridge with limited.

Prepaid Phone Conference Call Services
Users of prepaid phone conference services can communicate from multiple regions and different countries with purchasing online. In this case, the user is only charged for only for usage. The principle of the phone conference services is prepaid users pay according the use made by the users. Typically, on a phone conference service rates are low, the user just saddled with costs per month just to be able to connect remotely and conduct a telephone conference calling. For features of prepaid telephone conference calls, typically users can communicate using telephone or home computers that they have and can join to perform communication from different parts of the country or the world.

Premium Telephone Conference Calls
On a phone conference call services premium, usually the user is charged a fee. Unlike a free phone conference call, the features available. Users of this feature usually they the artists or celebrities, sports stars, lawyers, or people who are experts in a particular field. In addition, a feature telephone conference calling which is owned also often used for charity fundraising. For telephone conference call services premium indeed many features that can help users. So the fees charged for using phone conference service feature is quite expensive, but in accordance with the user's need.

For phone conference service itself does have a variety of types that can be customized for their users. The user can choose the type that is suitable for them, such as:

Audio telephone conference call services, is the conference call phone number that can connect multiple channels to do free telephone conference at the same time. Compared to web conferencing, audio conference types have a cheaper cost. the downside of this type is the meaning of the utterance can be different because we can't see the expression people say those words. In addition it is the loss of personal connections in business circles because it just sounds colleagues could be heard.

Web Conference, for this type of users appreciate them can exchange data or documents through the internet so that in the same time, penel phone that is connected can be directly viewed the contents of the document that had been distributed. in this type, the user can perform free phone conference and typing the files together in one time. However, the flaws of this type is the same as the audio conference, i.e. when people are humor, a listener could be misinterpreting because don't see the speaker's facial expressions.

video conference, for this type of user can stream with the device they have so that they can see the face or speaker's expression. For the cost is indeed very expensive. In addition, the equipment used should be sufficient because if the connection is slow then the video will be a trembling voice.

There are many free phone conference that can be used to make business calls or other purposes. But some people are still confused as to specify the Telephone conference call services or free telephone conference that apply to them. On a telephone conference call services reviews this time we will discuss a bit some of the providers of telephone conference. On a telephone conference call services reviews this time too we will discuss about some little feature that is owned by the provider.

The first is conferencecalling, the provider has already won various medals because of features and performance. for the feature, this service has a variety of features such as: a superior, free conference call recording, custom greeting, web controls, dial-pad controls and outbound calling. In terms of costs, this feature provider puts up the price affordable for businesses so that might suit you very busy doing business. For more information, can be found at the official website :

The second is Infinite Conferencing, provides high quality and for meetings with user-friendly telephone to various calls. Has various features so that you can make calls from anywhere. The user also be facilitated to share documents during the meeting. Infinite Conferencing has also received numerous awards for the services they provide. For features, these providers have a wide range of features include: Password protection, Web based access, File transfer, Control passing, Record, playback & Web tours, etc.
For more information, can be seen on the official website:

The third is WebEx. Unlike the first two, this one is more based website. WebEx also has user friendly display. In addition, WebEx has also been awarded the service they provide. WebEx is also very suitable to do the scheduling of meetings with powerful interactive capabilities such as for reporting the meeting. For features, these service providers have a Event Center, Meetings, Training Center, Meetings and Support Center. For other information, can be found at the official website :

From several telephone conference call services reviews, we should choose a service provider that provides the appropriate feature for us. From several providers at the top, provide free phone conference call for you.